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Today, due to congestion of students and the complexity of the school curriculum, often classic works of children do not read, and browse in the form of movies. On the one hand, the decision is quite logical. Why spend two weeks on reading when all you can see for a half hour. Fair enough, but do not get involved in this lighter kind of literature. We sincerely hope that not all the works included in the educational programme filmed. And children still have to pick up a book. After the reading – process itself is magical. It not just introduces us to new characters, eras, and countries. He teaches us to speak correctly and to write. After all, when you see the word written on the paper, triggered a visual memory, and you begin to write competently, even if not strong in spelling rules. Reading books actively develops the imagination. After all, you don't just look at the screen, you need to imagine the dress, the table setting, the evening sunset. To hear the wind noise, the sound of hooves, the jingle of the bell. You draw in the imagination is so vivid pictures that you perceive smells and tastes. Isn't it wonderful. Read books, develop yourself fill with life experiences.

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